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4 Reasons Why Your Tradie Website Isn’t Ranking

by Jan 25, 2023Websites for Tradies

4 Reasons Why Your Tradie Website isn’t Ranking

You’ve spent the last month obsessing over creating the perfect website, pouring far too much time and money into building the perfect design and engaging copy to match.

Your finger hovers impatiently over the enter key, ready for launch in T-minus…

3…2…1…Lift off🚀

You sit waiting for the viewers to start pouring in, eyes glued to the screen.

No clicks quite yet, but maybe these things take time to build momentum. So you wait.

And wait.

Suddenly days turn to weeks, week turn to months and your tradie website hasn’t generated a single job.

So, where did you go wrong?

One of the most important things in digital marketing for your business is visibility. If you aren’t in the top 3 search results on Google, your website may as well not even exist.

That’s what SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about. In today’s world, ranking in Google is sometimes more important than the website itself and can make or break your business.

Just imagine a pipe in your house has just burst. You’re in a panic and need a fix as soon as possible. Are you scrolling past the first plumbers Google shows you?

Hell no, that is the man for the job.

Tradie websites that rank higher are simply going to get more traffic, more enquiries and more jobs, full stop.

So what’s stopping your tradie website from reaching that coveted number-one spot? Well, these simple mistakes might just be holding you back.

#1 Your Tradie Website Isn’t Indexed With Google

First things first, for Google to even begin to rank your web pages, it has to index them.

And since Google makes up roughly 92% of all searches worldwide, you can see why this might be a big deal.

There are plenty of reasons why your website isn’t ranked. Far too many to list here. Luckily for us, the brilliant mind of Neil Patel has put together a list of potential problems your website might be having.

Once these issues are all solved, we can resubmit a request to Google and have your website recrawled, reindexed and ranking in no time.

Heads up, Google can take months between crawls, so be sure to tick that Search Engine Visibility Box when setting up your website!

#2 Mobile Un-Friendly

Did you know over 50% of all searches are done from mobile phones?

Suppose your website isn’t optimised for mobile. In that case, that’s cutting your potential customer base in half before you even get it online.

Not to mention Google knows that over 84% of Australians own and use smartphones daily, so they rank mobile-friendly websites much higher as a result.

If your tradie website was made back in the glory days of desktop computers, upgrading to a mobile-friendly design might just give your website the boost in rankings it needs.

Smart Fast Websites specialises in making web pages accessible to everyone, mobile or desktop. Whether you’re looking for a design upgrade.

#3 Lack Of Content

When it comes to marketing your brand, content is king.

All too often, tradie businesses spend all this time creating their website and forget to actually include anything worth reading.

So how do we fix this? By preparing stacks of well-written, unique content that both the search engine and your viewers will love.

Creating a blog around your tradie niche is a great way to showcase your unique skills and help “sell” yourself for upcoming jobs.

For example, suppose someone is looking for a professional electrician for their upcoming project. In that case, your blog post showcasing your safety precaution knowledge and rewiring suggestions might be the deciding factor in your being chosen.

More importantly, Google will look at all your well-informed original articles and think “damn, this guy really knows what he’s talking about.” The algorithm will then rank your web pages higher as a result.

Have a look for yourself! Google your tradie niche, click on one of the top results, and you will surely find they have an active stream of unique content being regularly added to their web page.

If sitting down in front of the computer and writing articles about your trade is your idea of hell, don’t panic. Our team here at Smart Fast Websites are here to help. Contact us today to find out about our copywriting support packages.

#4 Long Loading Times

How long will you wait for a website to load before smashing that back button? 20 seconds? 10?

Nowadays, we are used to getting results almost instantaneously, and so is Google. So if your website doesn’t load quickly for your viewers, you can kiss that number-one ranking spot goodbye before you even start.

Google factors your website load time into its overall search engine ranking. Simply put, the slower your website appears in front of viewers, the lower it will be ranked.

Not to mention the longer your load times, the more impatient customers you lose.

Never Fear, Smart Fast Websites are Here!

As you can see, being a successful tradie business online takes a lot of work, time and specialised knowledge. Between a growing list of projects, emergency callouts, and urgent repairs finding the time to learn how to rank well on Google sounds impossible, right?

Good news! You don’t have to do it alone.

Our expert team here at Top Traidie Websites are dedicated to helping your business increase leads and land more sales. We specialise in creating fast SEO websites proven to put your business one step ahead of the competition.

Say goodbye to the days of cold-calling clients, hunting for your next project. Instead, let your dream clients come to you.

If you want:

  • More Jobs
  • More Leads
  • More Engagement

Smart Fast Websites Websites is here to help.